We create Scents for your Soul!

Each Scent that we hand craft has a Specific Purpose and assists to shift emotions and energy!

To get started the easy way, simply choose from one of our Starter Kits below!

Or you can visit the shop and filter our scents by their purpose, then let your intuition lead you.

  • Good Fortune Starters Kit

    Sale!$80.00 $50.00

    Welcome to the Good Fortune Kit!

    This kit helps you attract whats next for you by invoking Forward Faith & Good Fortune in the areas you request.

    The kit includes:

    1 x Medium Good Fortune Candle, 1 x Forward Faith Candle, 1 FREE Lip/Healing Balm, 1 FREE Scents Menu.

    Total value of $80 and you save $30.

  • Melts & Mosaic Starters Kit

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Sale!$70.00 $39.95
    Welcome to our Melts & Mosaic Starters Kit!

    In this kit you will receive:

    12 Free Melts, 6 Free Tealights, 3 Free Guidance Cards, 1 Mosaic Melt Burner & our brand new scents menu!

    Simply choose your collection and colour!

  • Soul Unity (Limited Edition)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Sale!$55.00 $45.00

    This limited edition Soul Unity Mosaic Candle is blended to attract soul unity and love.

    It's authentic, smells AHmazing and is designed to attract love and create Soul Unity.

    Soul Unity has a unique scent and it has this lovely way of making you feel connected with yourself and your soul. It also evokes the feeling of loved and encourages soul unity.

What is so good about our Scents?

  • We don’t just make Candles…We make Scents for Your Soul!
  • We hand blend our oils and handcraft our products.
  • Each scent has a specific ‘Spiritual Purpose’ and assists to shift emotions and energy.
  • Our Scents are created to use with ‘intent’ and the power of ‘affirmations’.
  • Our candles burn even, are strong and smell all the way to the end.
  • Our melts are high quality and super strong!
  • The Scents are Powerful and Life Changing – read the testimonials!
  • Each one is hand made in South Australia with love, care & passion.

To help transform lives and assist the planet at the same time!

The ups & downs in life and how much courage it takes to make a change and become a better person. Because we’ve been there too!

To provide you with the best products we can and if you’re not happy with something, tells us and we will fix it!

To help shift the consciousness of the planet and to also create “candles for a cause charity” so we can help those who need it!

Solaz candles are hand made in the Adelaide Hills and have been created using intuition and knowledge received from spirit to help shift emotions and clear the soul. We use Ecosoya advanced wax and Golden soy wax. The wicks are made out of all natural fibres and they contain no lead or other harmful metals and we don’t include any additives or colours as we want to keep them as natural as possible. The jars have sealed lids for a few reasons: 1 to protect your candle from dust and the elements 2, to keep the divine smells, 3 for storage purposes once the candle has been used.

At Solaz, we believe in recycling and have chosen jars that can be re-used once the candle is finished. You can either return the Mosaics to us for a refill or use them to store anything you like in them. They look great on window sills with bamboo and other small plants growing in them. I’ve been growing offcuts of plants in them and storing all sorts of things in them.

  1. Some of the wax in the candles has changed colour is that ok? – Yes its due to the fragrance and essential oils that are added to the wax, they are all good to use.
  2. The wax around the wick has cracked a little bit, is this ok? – Yes once you light them up, it will all become even and the candle will burn well.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a group that understands you?

By joining our Tribe, you can be!


Creative & authentic
Eclectic & inspiring
Own sense of style


Likes to travel
Loves to explore
Adventurous & strong
Always on the go


Free spirited
Alternative & unique
Likes to create change
Intuitive & grounded


Stylish & classic
Values nice things
Career focused
Traditional values


Self aware
Meditates, Reiki
Healer, Teacher
Focuses on the spirit

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Health Survival Kit ($80.00 $50.00)
    reviewed by Matt

    I have the diffuser collection and one is in the toilet and the other is on my desk. I always get people saying how good my office and toilet smell. I should be a distributor for these! They are really enjoyable

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