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  • Guidance Cards

    Sale! $35.00 $30.00

    The Guidance Cards consist of 60 carefully written and designed cards.

    Each one has specific and accurate messages that you can use on a daily basis or in times when you require guidance.

    The packs are all the same just available in different coloured boxes.

  • Lip/Healing Balm

    Sale! $5.00 $4.00

    This Healing Balm is incredible.

    We've been having really good results on cuts, sores and on cuticles. It's also a brillant Lip Balm and stays on for a long time.

    The only problem is that its easy to lose them, so get yourself more than 1 and keep them in handy places!

  • Mosaic Lid


    It's essential to protect your candle!

    The worst enemies for candles are sunlight, dust and dirt! By using a lid, it also helps protect the scent of the candle and ensure you get the most from your candle!

  • Gratitude Journal


    Welcome our Gratitude Journal!

    Practising gratitude is well know and a very powerful daily practise.

Showing all 4 results