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  • Chest & Throat Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent helps clear the "tight chest" feeling and assists breathing and clearing up congestion.

    - Helps clear the chest
    - Assists breathing
    - Clears congestion

  • Etheric Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent helps cleanse etheric energy.

    - Helps uplift your energy
    - Clears the space
    - Shifts negative energy

  • Higher Self Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is very powerful, it cleanses from the base chakra all the way to the higher self.

    - Helps create balance
    - Calms and settles children
    - Creates peace & balance

  • Mind Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent cleanses the mind and 3rd eye. Its excellent for focus, study & concentration.

    - Cleanses the 3rd eye
    - Great for headaches
    - Brilliant for study & focusing

  • Sinus Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is to clear the sinus and is what we call our "Dr Candle" the one you should always keep in the cupboard.

    - Clears the sinus & throat
    - Assists breathing
    - Helps snoring, sleeping, hay fever

  • Spirit & Soul Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is for cleansing the spirit & soul and is great for clearing rooms, space and houses.

    - Cleanses the spirit
    - Cleanses the soul
    - Cleanses the space

Showing all 6 results