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  • Abundance

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent assists to clear any blocks and patterns that may exist. It helps you create more abundance.

    - Helps clear blockages
    - Attracts what you focus on
    - It's fresh and inspiring

  • Creation

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is used to manifest you wants and desires. Work best when you focus 100% on a specific thing!

    - Creates focus & vision
    - For creating your goals
    - It's crisp, fresh & inspiring!

  • Gratitude

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is for the purpose of consciously practising gratitude. Light the candle and starting thanking!

    - Creates appreciation & gratitude
    - Awareness of gratitude
    - Its invoking and warming

  • Prosperity

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent assists to attract Prosperity! It helps to create long periods of peace and prosperity as well as brining in Abudance!

    - Attracts Propserity
    - Brings Peace
    - Attracts your wants

  • Synchronicity

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent activates "synchronicity" & creates the flow to attract meaningful coincidences

    - Creates meaningful coincidences
    - Helps you go with the flow!
    - It's fresh and inspiring

  • Transition

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent shifts and transitions energy!  It is great for releasing anything you want.

    - Shifts moods and emotions
    - Helps with planet phases & shifts
    - It's unique & a best seller

Showing all 6 results