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  • 2018 Inspiration

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    Welcome to our Limited Edition of our 2018 Inspiration Scent!

    Everyone that has smelt this has fallen in love with it instantly!

    It's delicately blended and is now available in any product that you like. Get yours today!

  • 4 The Heart

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is simply for "4 the heart". It's great for feeling loved and if you want some healing.

    - Heals the heart
    - Great for break ups
    - Healing & calming

  • Abundance

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent assists to clear any blocks and patterns that may exist. It helps you create more abundance.

    - Helps clear blockages
    - Attracts what you focus on
    - It's fresh and inspiring

  • Balance

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent creates balance. It creates a nice even energy and brings people up or hyper activity behaviours down.

    - Helps create balance
    - Calms and settles children
    - Creates peace & balance

  • Calm & Relax

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent creates calm energy to enable relaxation. It's all about relaxing and having some calmness.

    - Settles people and creates calm
    - Great for sleeping
    - Relaxing & Calming

  • Care & Comfort

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is all about looking after yourself. Its like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and receiving a great big hug!

    - It provides comfort & warmth
    - Increases self worth
    - Nurturing & caring

  • Chest & Throat Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent helps clear the "tight chest" feeling and assists breathing and clearing up congestion.

    - Helps clear the chest
    - Assists breathing
    - Clears congestion

  • Clarity

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is powerful and assists in reducing confusion. It's purpose is to help you feel clear and focused and to bring clairty to situations.

    - Reduces confusion
    - Helps focus
    - Provides Clarity!

  • Creation

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is used to manifest you wants and desires. Work best when you focus 100% on a specific thing!

    - Creates focus & vision
    - For creating your goals
    - It's crisp, fresh & inspiring!

  • Etheric Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent helps cleanse etheric energy.

    - Helps uplift your energy
    - Clears the space
    - Shifts negative energy

  • Forward Faith

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent connects you to "what's next" in your life. It connects with your blueprint and "brings forward" the next steps in life!

    - Connects with your blueprint
    - Brings in whats next
    - Increases faith & trust

  • Fresh Start

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is the one to use when you want to create a "fresh start". It's for new beginnings

    - Creates new beginnings
    - Provides a fresh start
    - Uplifting and inspiring

Showing 1–12 of 46 results