Sacred Harmony


This scent creates inner peace and harmony in a way that you can only experience once you’ve had this.

– Creates inner peace
– Brings in soul harmony
– Its an inner journey!

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This scent creates inner peace and harmony.


Bergamot, Coffee, Honey, Jasmine, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lily, Mandarin, Musk, Neroli, Nutmeg, Orange, Pepper, Pineapple, Rose, Thyme, Vanilla

I Feel

Anxious, Devastated, Disconnected, Fearful, Fighting, Grief, Insecure, Lonely, No Clarity, No Focus, Not In Body, Scared, Scattered, Unblanced, Uncertain, Ungrounded

Assists With

Balance, Calming, Connection With Self, Grounding, Harmony, Inner Peace, Inner reflection, Meditation, Peace, Re-balancingInternal, Sacred grounding, Sacred meditation


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