Did you know that we have a profound emotional and intuitive relationship with Scent?

Scent is imperative to human evolution and our very survival. We can smell changes in weather, the season and even when animals are nearby.

Science tells us that everything is energy and there is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all of life and every day there is more studies being conducted on the power of working with Scents.

Scents encourages our body to trigger reactions, emotions and memories and when you combine this with the power of an intention, the healing and change can be very powerful.

Each one of our Scents is intuitively received using the guidance I received and each scent is delicately blended to create a spiritual purpose.

For example:

Lets use our Letting Go candle! Not only is it one of our most popular candles, it is incredibly powerful and has created many shifts for my clients and it’s a great place to start!

The purpose of the candle is for letting go which is exactly what the label says.

For example, if you are experiencing a break up and you are having trouble letting it go, your intention could be:

“I now let go of my hurt from that relationship.”

Then all you need to do is:

  • Light the candle.
  • Speak the intention “I now let go of my hurt from that relationship.”
  • Allow any responses (thoughts, feelings, emotions) that you receive to process with ease & grace.

By using the candles, you engage in 3 things…

The Scent, the Intent & the Purpose!

By combining all 3, the power of the process multiplies in a simple and safe way that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Studies show that almost everyone who lights a candle has an intention in mind, whether they are consciously aware of this or not.

Candle burning is an ancient practice in esoteric spiritual practices and has been around for centuries.

There is also a well kept secret…. When you light a candle and combine it with the Power of Scent + Intent, the manifestation process become 3 x more powerful!

Why is this important?

Because intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

Intention is a very powerful force which gives your mind something focus on and achieve!

The creator of Solaz – Scents for your Soul (Anjie Camens) says:

“Over the past 3 years we have been extremely busy with customers coming via word of mouth and from testimonials on our Facebook page. We teach our tribe members about the power of intention and how to combine this with the candles so they can create the changes they want in their lives.

I’ve seen some of the most incredible transformations in such a short period of time – it’s a privilege to share the candles.”

– Anjie Camens

Candle burning is becoming a very popular tool for manifesting positivity, health, wealth and also for letting go of the past!

When you combine the scent of the candle with intention and light the flame, the scent creates a reaction and will trigger memories, behaviours or emotions.

This reaction combined with focused intent (an affirmation or mantra spoken out loud at the time of lighting the candle) is where the true power of candle burning is.

Each candle scent has a spiritual purpose and when you combine that scent with the purpose and your intention… you can create a very powerful manifestation process!

We call it: