As the seasons change, so does the weather!

As you change, the scents you like also change!

Find out what collection you currently resonate with?

Welcome to the Spirit & Soul Collection

A good place to start is always with the soul!

Our Spirit & Soul Collection is our very first collection that we created in 2014.

The Spirt & Soul Collection gives you a really good chance to start letting go, having some faith and getting a fresh start.

It also provides a sense of comfort, helps you to expand your vision and attract some good fortune!  Now who doesn’t deserve that?

If you are ready to start moving forwards in life, then this collection will suit you nicely.

Here’s just one of my customers experience;

  “Love, Love, Love this whole collection, its as simple as that! – Selina QLD

Do you feel like you could do with some Zen?

Are you finding life busy, hectic and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time?

Are you feeling tired, perhaps a little exhausted and missing that feeling of calm and relaxation?

Then the Zen Collection has your name all over it! Zen is all about giving you back a sense of calm, helping you balance and giving you back some clarity!

It assists with healing in your heart, brings transformation and attracts happiness.

Just make sure you are not to busy to order yourself something now, or you’ll miss that sense of calm and balance that our scents can give you!

Here’s just one of my customers experience;

“Wow, a friend told me about this collection along time ago, but yes “I was too busy”. Anyway I finally made a decision to look after myself and ordered the entire Zen Collection!   I am so grateful I did because it really has given me balance and my zen level is sustainable now too”. These Scents actually work! Thank you Jordi – WA

Welcome to the Cleanse Collection

Are you ready for a powerful cleanse?

If yes, then get ready because this Cleanse Collection is incredibly powerful!

I remember when I first started using this collection I was’t really in a very good emotional place and lets say, I fully believe these scents helped me shift and cleanse in an incredibly way.

The Cleanse Collection helps to Clear your Mind, cleanse your higher self and the etheric space as well.

It helps to cleanse your spirit & soul and, on the health side of things, the Chest & Throat blend has is brilliant for keeping away the colds. The highest selling blend in this collection is the Sinus blend becuase it assists with coughs, colds, allergies, sleeping and breathing.

Here’s just one of my customers experience;

 “I can’t tell you how powerful this collection truely is. I had an accident and smashed up my nose and was told I wouldn’t smell again. Then I came across the sinus candle and started using it. At first I couldn’t smell it but after a few days, my sinus began to clear and I can now smell it. I am truely amazed and grateful. Oh my husband loves the scent too. Thank you Anjie, much love Rosie & Richard – SA

Welcome to the Sacred Collection

Are you ready to connect to your Inner Sacredness?

If yes, the Sacred Collection is really going to help you connect with your inner self.

This collection is all about connection and helping you to connect with your divine self, the sacred earth, enable forgiveness,  create harmony and resonate with your senses.

This really is about giving and caring for yourself on so many levels, its hard to explain until you experience this collection for yourself

Here’s my own quote on this collection,

 “WOW, when I started blending this collection, the scents just elevated to another level. Everywhere I go people ask my why I smell so good and thats because I am so in love with the collection that I wear it on my wrists and my scarves all the time” Anjie Camens – SA

Welcome to the Creation Collection

Are you ready to manifest your dreams, wants & desires?

If yes, then this Creation Collection is perfect of you because all the scents assist in helping you to create Synchronicity, Abundance and Gratitude!  

The collection assists with the ability to Transition through changes with ease and grace is also a lovely gift this collection has to offer!

This collection creates very powerful shifts and our tribe members have all shifted and are now creating what they want in life, so if you want, desire and are ready to create…These are your scents…. Go for it!

Here’s a quote from a Tribe member,

 “This is my favourite collection yet – I created my goals chart and have been using all the scents with my positive affirmations and my goals are manifesting much faster and all i’m doing is using the scents to help” Thank you Jill – Tasmania