I don’t know about you but one day life can be absolutely brilliant and you can be smiling, feeling happy and loving life!

Then out of nowhere, it can be the complete opposite and you are down and out!

Maybe you have a relationship breakup, lose a loved one or even job perhaps!

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot more lows in life that highs but its the low ones, that give you the opportunity to learn the most!

 The thing is.. no matter what happens in life, at some stage each and every one of us feel emotions and we have the choice to avoid or face them and become stronger!

My favourite quote is “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and since I started using the scents, I am very proud to say that my lows are long gone!

As you might already know, each situation you encounter can trigger different emotions. Sometimes it can be sadness, loneliness, fear and uncertainty. Other times is can be anger, grief and loss.

Well if you’ve read how our scents work, then you will know they can help you shift your emotions and get you back to some positivity!

To give you a hand, I’ve put together some scents together based on the emotional situation that you may be experiencing, so have a look below and explore which scents can assist you in lifting your feelings and shifting your emotions.

Are you feeling confused, unclear and uncertain?

If you’re currently experiencing some negative thoughts that are repetitive and feel like they are keeping you stuck or have power over you? The best scent to help you clear your thoughts is Mind Cleanse.  It really does cut through all the negativity and help you think clearly again.

Perhaps you are looking for direction and are confused on which path or option to go forwards with? Then give Clarity a go, I find that very helpful to get focused, set some goals and get back on track!

If you are feeling stuck in the past, board and feel like its time to let go of things, then the Letting Go scent was created exactly for this purpose! It really does help you let go of emotions, thoughts, relationships and things that no longer serve you.  It also smells divine!

Well if you’ve read how our scents work, then you will know they can help you shift your emotions and get you back to some clarity!

I highly recommend to get all 3 scents as they are best used in steps.  1st use the Letting Go Scent (2-5hrs), then use Mind Cleanse (2-5hrs) and follow it up with Clarity to get Clear. However if you don’t want fast results, you can simply start with one or two scents.

Below are 3 Scents especially blended to help you clear confusion and bring in clarity…

  • Clarity

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is powerful and assists in reducing confusion. It's purpose is to help you feel clear and focused and to bring clairty to situations.

    - Reduces confusion
    - Helps focus
    - Provides Clarity!

  • Letting Go

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is very powerful and its all about Letting Go. Simply light it, set your intention and get ready for the results.

    - Releases the past
    - It helps you let go
    - Healing and Powerful

  • Mind Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent cleanses the mind and 3rd eye. Its excellent for focus, study & concentration.

    - Cleanses the 3rd eye
    - Great for headaches
    - Brilliant for study & focusing

Are you feeling sad, uncertain and unhappy?

Well don’t despair because I know exactly what its like to feel that way!!!

Sometimes when you are feeling down and out, its can be so hard to put on a smile and pretend thats everythings ok, right? C’Mon who are we kidding, life can be challenging at the best of times and when you throw that in with being sad and uncertain, it can be a difficult time to work through!

Well the Good News is that these blends are handcrafted and blended to assist you in transforming your current situation and emotions. They will help heal your heart and bring in some happiness for you!

I used these scents after a relationship break up and I remember being on the phone to my bestie and said “I just wish he’d get the hell out of my life”, I then lit the Transformation Candle and the very next day he rang me and that was the end of that.  I truely appreciate the transformation blend.

The next candle I used was Happiness and that really helped me to lift my spirit and helped me to take steps forward!

After that I used 4 the heart and that made me cry a lot at first, but I just keep using it and my heart started to heal!

Overall these 3 blends mean a lot to me so if you are feeling down and out, give them a go, they are very powerful and life changing.

  • 4 The Heart

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is simply for "4 the heart". It's great for feeling loved and if you want some healing.

    - Heals the heart
    - Great for break ups
    - Healing & calming

  • Happiness

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is to uplift emotions and create happiness. It really does create joy and fun especially if you burn it consistently!

    - It shifts emotions to a higher state
    - Helps create joy & happiness
    - Its surprising and motivating!

  • Transformation

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is powerful and creates very impactful changes. It's job is to bring change and then transform it with easy and grace!

    - Creates powerful changes
    - Transforms situations
    - Its powerful and mind blowing!

Are you feeling tired & unbalanced?

If you’re currently feeling tired & exhausted because life is just so busy and fast nowadays, then we have 2 scents that are especially created to help you with this.

Our Balance scent has been exceptional in the way that not only does it balance your spirit & soul, it also helps the energy of the environment on where its placed to balance as well.  We get alot of feedback from mothers who say their kids just love this and it calms them right down.

Personally, it just makes me relax and feel balanced and I also love the waft of cinnamon thats it gives.

If you are feeling unbalanced, out of sync and maybe even hormonal, our Transition blend is really helpful for all of this.

It works with planet energies too so if its a full moon or a big change, this scent helps with shifts.  It also is very powerful in helping you transition through emotions.

Well if you’ve read how our scents work, then you will know they can help you shift your emotions and get you back in balance!

Both Scents are very popular and have completely different scents and work a treat!

  • Balance

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent creates balance. It creates a nice even energy and brings people up or hyper activity behaviours down.

    - Helps create balance
    - Calms and settles children
    - Creates peace & balance

  • Transition

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent shifts and transitions energy!  It is great for releasing anything you want.

    - Shifts moods and emotions
    - Helps with planet phases & shifts
    - It's unique & a best seller

Have you been feeling stressed, busy and run off your feet?

Well these lovely scents are just perfect for you.  The care and comfort blend provides the sense of comfort, warmth & nurturing and it makes you feel like you are wrapped up in your favourite blanket. It has a very strong purpose vanilla bean scent too so if you really love pure vanilla you will love this becuase its vary rare to get the strong pure vanilla scent nowadays (if you know what i’m saying, you will love this vanilla).

Our Calm and Relax scent is all about relaxing and providing you with a sense of calm. It creates a calm energy and really makes you start to relax. Its also a favourite by many kids who have become avid little candle burners! Oh its one of our most popular scents too!

Now to explain Sacred Harmony you really need to experience it, when I first blended it, I just got addicted and had to rub it on my wrists, feet and neck!  When I introduced it to the tribe, they nick named here “Mocha chocolate” because it just smells like orange and chocolate. This blend brings Inner Peace & Harmony and is very Sacred.

Three years later its still my absolute favourite and one of our best sellers!

  • Calm & Relax

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent creates calm energy to enable relaxation. It's all about relaxing and having some calmness.

    - Settles people and creates calm
    - Great for sleeping
    - Relaxing & Calming

  • Care & Comfort

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is all about looking after yourself. Its like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and receiving a great big hug!

    - It provides comfort & warmth
    - Increases self worth
    - Nurturing & caring

  • Sacred Harmony

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent creates inner peace and harmony in a way that you can only experience once you've had this.

    - Creates inner peace
    - Brings in soul harmony
    - Its an inner journey!

What you probably don’t know about me is that I used to get very sick about every 3 months.

I would always get some type of cold, flu or throat infection. It would take me weeks to heal and I always had to use anti-bitoics! Well not anymore, since I created these blends and I am going to be very honest and tell you that I’ve only been unwell twice in the last 3 years!

The reason is that as soon as I start to even feel the tiniest bit unwell, I go straight for the Sinus Blend and start using it.  Generally this will make my nose run for about 10 mins and then I’m all clear and I don’t get sick.  Not only that it smells wonderful and my friends love it!

The Chest & Throat is also a hidden treasure and that because it helps clear the chest and throat, so if you feel you are starting to get a sore throat then pop this scent on strait away and let it do its magic!  This smells very earthy and men love this do. You’d be surprised how many men buy this scent in our diffusers!

Sacred Senses is fantastic to help work with your body and the energy within. It really helps your cells to communicate, clear and uplift you. It also has a crisp citrus scent which is very cleansing and very popular.

I really recommend all 3 of these, I call them the Doctor Scents because you never know when you will need them.

  • Chest & Throat Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent helps clear the "tight chest" feeling and assists breathing and clearing up congestion.

    - Helps clear the chest
    - Assists breathing
    - Clears congestion

  • Sacred Senses

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is for awakening and restoring balance to the senses & the body from a cellular level!

    - Awakens the senses
    - Clears at a cellular level
    - Helps restore the body inside/out

  • Sinus Cleanse

    Sale! $12.50$49.50

    This scent is to clear the sinus and is what we call our "Dr Candle" the one you should always keep in the cupboard.

    - Clears the sinus & throat
    - Assists breathing
    - Helps snoring, sleeping, hay fever