Everyone of our Tribe Members are unique as you are too, and that’s why we offer our Scents in different types of jars, melt burners and diffusers.

Lets find out your style?

Amber is soothing, calming & protecting.

Amber brings strength and is noted in metaphysics to give a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It is said to help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom.

If Amber feels like you, these stunning amber jars provide beautiful ambient glows in the evening are very popular this season.

Here’s our Top 3 scents that our Amber style lovers emerge themselves in….

  • Calm & Relax

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent creates calm energy to enable relaxation. It's all about relaxing and having some calmness.

    - Settles people and creates calm
    - Great for sleeping
    - Relaxing & Calming

  • Gratitude

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is for the purpose of consciously practising gratitude. Light the candle and starting thanking!

    - Creates appreciation & gratitude
    - Awareness of gratitude
    - Its invoking and warming

  • Sacred Earth

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is for connecting to mother earth, it's for grounding and helps you connect with earth energy.

    - Grounds you
    - Connects you with earth energy
    - Its like sitting around a sacred bonfire

Do you just love colour?

Did you know that every colour helps bring positive emotions and has a meaning behind it?

Purple is for Manifestation, Blue is for Communication, Lime is for Healing, Yellow is for Power, Red is for Attraction and Orange is for Initiating!

Not only can select the scent of your choice but we will intuitively send you the colour that you need.

P.S If you are really determined on a certain colour, you can also request the colour of jar (in the notes section when you order), otherwise you can trust that you will receive the colour you are meant too!

Here’s the Top 3 scents that will help you manifest, communicate, heal and create!

  • Creation

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is used to manifest you wants and desires. Work best when you focus 100% on a specific thing!

    - Creates focus & vision
    - For creating your goals
    - It's crisp, fresh & inspiring!

  • Good Fortune

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is about "attraction & good fortune". It helps you to attract and create what you think or ask for.

    - Attracts what you request
    - Brings good things to you
    - Positive & encouraging

Our Melts are Magic!

I don’t know about you…but I spent years trying to find good quality melts that smelt AHmazing and provide a really strong scent!

I went to shop after shop searching and found myself wasting a lot of time, money and energy! In the end, I gave up shopping and decided to create a solution!
And the Good News is… I have solved the problem and created high quality, strong smelling soy melts that actually last a very long time! No more lighting it once and then no more smell, ours last right til the end!
Not only that I have put together some special starter kits just for you!

Do you like to impress?

If you enjoy the WOW factor and love it when friends or family give you comments then our Limited Edition Metallic Jars will give you exactly that!

Presenting in 3 stunning colours we offer you the Stylish Rose Gold,  an Earthly Bronze and of course a Classic Silver.

Our most expensive and elegant jars available with each candle made personally just for you.

You can choose the scent you want and if you want them to be double or single wicked. (We suggest single wick if you burn your candles for more than 3 hours a time and double if you burn them for 1-4hrs).

Here’s the Top 3 Scents to impress…

Do you enjoy being authentic, creative and just appreciate quality?

We don’t mean to be bias but we do need to be honest!

We just love making the mosaics because they are high quality, each one of them is unique, individual and expressive.

Each mosaic jar is its own individual piece of art and they just keep drawing you in every time you look at them.

Our favourite moment is when you light up the candle and the beautiful colours are projected all over the room and when our unique and powerful scents envelope the space, we call it heaven on earth!

Here’s my favourite 3 Scents that I absolutely love burning in the mosaics!

  • Clarity

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is powerful and assists in reducing confusion. It's purpose is to help you feel clear and focused and to bring clairty to situations.

    - Reduces confusion
    - Helps focus
    - Provides Clarity!

  • Happiness

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is to uplift emotions and create happiness. It really does create joy and fun especially if you burn it consistently!

    - It shifts emotions to a higher state
    - Helps create joy & happiness
    - Its surprising and motivating!

  • Transformation

    Sale! $10.00$49.50

    This scent is powerful and creates very impactful changes. It's job is to bring change and then transform it with easy and grace!

    - Creates powerful changes
    - Transforms situations
    - Its powerful and mind blowing!